Lauren Scott for Nevada Assembly District 30

We need visionary and decisive leaders in Carson City, not legislators beholden to powerful unions or corporate interests. If left unchecked, political cronyism will turn Nevada into a corporate wasteland, not a state for the people. I will bring leadership and integrity to the Nevada Assembly. I will put the people of Nevada, not good ol’ boy politics, first.

My legislative efforts will be focused on reducing unemployment, developing sound fiscal policies and providing needed revenues without raising taxes. We need to make Nevada more attractive to a wide range of businesses and accelerate job creation. By reducing energy costs, removing barriers to competition, encouraging rural development and supporting Nevada entrepreneurs, we can get Nevada working again.  Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle Nevada Assembly District 30

I was an active-duty member of the US Air Force for nearly seven years. I served three years in Nevada at the Tonopah Test Range in support of F-117A Stealth Fighter operations. I held a Top Secret clearance, qualified as a small arms expert with the M-16 rifle, earned two Achievement Medals and received a Commendation Medal for my actions during Operation Desert Storm.

I look forward to continuing to serve the great state of Nevada.

Lauren Scott