Lauren Scott for Nevada Assembly District 30


Small business is the key to economic recovery and Assembly District 30 is home to one of the largest clusters of manufacturing and logistics businesses in Northern Nevada. We need to give small businesses the tools they need to put people back to work today. I do not support any increase in state imposed fees or additional taxes on businesses.


A skilled and educated workforce is vital to economic growth but Nevada’s high school dropout rate is the worst in the nation. We need to protect higher education but vocational programs and on-the-job training can provide the skills people need to get back to work faster and at a much lower cost. Vocational schools have proven successful with higher graduation rates, fewer discipline problems and greater student success. I will encourage the integration of career and technical training into public education. Business incentives for on-the-job training and specialty skills could be considered.


Nevada has vast amounts of untapped renewable energy resources but yet we pay some of the highest energy rates in the Western region. We need a common-sense approach to energy production, aimed at increasing competition and lowering energy costs for struggling Nevada families and businesses. By working to develop independent energy production and lowering energy costs, we can successfully attract more new businesses to Northern Nevada.

Gun Violence

I support common sense solutions that can reduce firearm related accidents, domestic gun-related violence and suicides. We should better enforce our existing laws but also consider what other workable policies might be pursued, without undermining personal freedoms or constitutional rights. Increased support for firearm safety training, mental health counseling and crisis intervention could be considered.


The overwhelming focus of my legislative efforts will be on addressing the high levels of unemployment in Nevada. We need to make Nevada more attractive to a wide range of businesses. By reducing energy costs, removing barriers to competition, encouraging rural development and supporting Nevada entrepreneurs, we can get Nevada working again.


Republicans generally seek to lower taxes, which decreases revenue and results in cuts to social services and higher education. Democrats support more spending for social services, resulting in increased debt and higher taxes. Increasing taxes will do little to solve the real problem facing Nevada today, which is high unemployment. Employed individuals increase revenues from payroll taxes, sales taxes, property taxes and fuel taxes and depend less on social services. They buy more and spend more, which results in more economic growth. We don’t need to raise taxes. We need to get Nevada working again.